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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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Minutes of conferences and meetings. The results of the review, to include anevaluation of any required further revisions, will be submitted in a memorandum by the Chief Historian to the Chief ofMilitary History, who has final publication approval authority.

Reporting agencies and commandsThe Command Report may be prepared for any organization or agency and at any command level. Maintain liaison with other Army and government historical offices and historians and historical organizations,including travel to centers of historical activity.

They willestablish working relationships with organization or installation records managers, librarians, and museum 87-5 the selection of materials for the collection to ensure that all source materials are available to the command.

AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

For Army National Guard and Army Reserve units, documents concerning entry into andrelease from active Federal or military service should be included. Oral history activities, an integral part of the AHP, focus on persons, events, and topics of historical interest tothe Army.

Military history offices will forward completed interviews directly to the U. Interview packageThe ra information will be qr for each interview and forwarded to the U. Only one special designation will be approved for any color-bearing, flag-bearing, or separate guidon-bearingorganization, except as provided in paragraph e, below. Army will ensure that coats of arms and distinctive unit insignia for MTOEorganizations are based on their official lineage and honors.

The Chief of Military History may designate a distinguished internationalscholar, military or civilian, for a 1-year appointment to the staff of the Qr of Military History to perform researchand writing on a topic of mutual interest to the scholar and the center.


A selection committee of five persons, appointed by the Chief of Military History,will consist of the Army Art Curator, two military field artists, and two museum or art curators.

A table of contents is required ad all annual histories and follows the preface or foreword. In instances where there are insufficient numbers of MHDs, thedetachments may be pooled at various levels of command and allocated to ensure comprehensive historical coverage ofcurrent operations. The Centerof Military History will provide each organization designated in paragraph a above with a certificate, suitable 8705- that attests to its approved Unit Day.

Organizations will furnish standard information as specified inappendix D of this regulation at least twice each year when forwarding oral history materials.

Prescribed in para 8—1c. The Visiting Military Scholar Program. Publication program description a. Historical research collections a.

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It involves interviewing participants or experts in a particular subject orissue and preserving their judgments and recollections. Does the organization have a command history office that is adequately staffed to accomplish its assigned mission para 4—3a? Typical applicationsof technology in the AHP include the following: Organization of Army history offices a. Interview Report, page 27E. Unit decoration certificatesCertificates attesting to the award of U. Date 8870-5 of interview. LineageThe line of descent of an MTOE unit from af origin, stated in terms of events that have changed its status.

It meets the requirements as specified in AR — Review and evaluate the professional historical credentials and qualification of all candidates for seniorcommand historian positions at Army commands. An example of the format to follow for CommandReports is attached in appendix C. Agency directives and orders. Organizational history is the institutional memory of a military organization. Interview distributionFurnish copies to— a. If the operation is conducted by the Army and the combatant commander is an Army general officer,the Chief of Military History will coordinate the appointment of an Army officer as theater historian for theseoperations 2 Army headquarters.

The Center of Military History will— 1 Determine and publish the lineage and honors of active MTOE organizations authorized an organizational color,distinguishing flag, or guidon except organic elements of color-bearing organizations.


Awide variety of modified format annual histories are possible, including multiple-year histories, calendar year ratherthan fiscal year coverage, and annotated chronologies with statistical appendices and supporting documents in additionto a short narrative account. Oral history materials-sound and video recordings, transcribedinterviews, interview notes and memoranda-supplement but do not replace, official written records. Army Reserve organizations down through brigade level will complete an annual history whether in or outof Federal service.

The panel is chaired by the Chief Historian. The Institute of Heraldry, U. Director or CuratorThe civilian chief of an Army museum responsible for all phases of museum operations. At service schools, verify theteaching of military history as part of the programmed curriculum, including battle analyses, historical simulations, andstaff rides, technologically enhanced as appropriate, and are part of professional development programs.

Army National Guard organizations draw their personnel from fixed locations or geographic areas, and theirlineages are linked historically with the personnel from those locations or areas. The designation will appear inparentheses following the official designation, except on colors, flags, or guidons.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Relationships with higher headquarters and next subordinate commands, including impact of decisions made byhigher authority. Accompany requests for traditional designationswith supporting evidence, such as newspaper clippings, unit letterhead, and so forth. Army historical publications distributed Armywide andcommand historical publications which tend to have a narrower distribution. To provide such coverage they will perform the following functions: Before recording an interview, the interviewer will inform all participants of the option to execute an accessagreement, DA Form Access Agreement for Oral History Materials.

870-55 DesignationAn authorized nickname granted to a military organization. Proposals will be submitted to the Chief of MilitaryHistory by 1 July of each year and awarded by arr October.