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It contains the same assortment of lamps but is compact enough to be transported on a motorbike for example. OEM quality at a good price. Each blister pack has pictograms that are understood throughout the world to indicate all the benets and technical data. Published on Jun View 1.

The brighter output means that the road is much better lit. Because the control gear and the lamp are located separately in the vehicle lampasas will be possible to equip or upgrade more and more types of vehicles with the XENARC system. Safety is the top priority on the roads.

A – Catalogo PDF Valpec 2013

As with any technical or scientic discipline, lighting technology has its autokotivas special terms and concepts for dening the characteristics of lamps and luminaires and for standardising the units of measurement. Presentation, information and access our POS material will make it easier for your customers to make impulse purchases.


Highly exible connecting cable between the control gear and the lamp. As a company with great environmental awareness, OSRAM not only complies with the statutory bans on dangerous substances but also avoids or at least minimises the use of those substances that are harmful to the environment but are still permitted.

OSRAM is your partner.

HPMC 2013 – Philips

New development for simple lamp replacement and highly efcient headlights; supplied on request. OSRAM therefore offers retailers and workshops the security of a promising sales future. The new OSRAM workshop packaging for example has clear phillps so the contents can be readily identied. Years of experience in lighting and our expertise in the development of new technologies have made us what we are today: Easy replacement by the roadside.

With dimensions of x x mm W x H x Dit provides ample space for up to lamps.

Each spare lamp kit for cars contains the same set of the ve most important lamps plus three fuses: OSRAM invests a sizeable proportion of its revenue in the development of new products so that partner workshops and retailers can enjoy continued success in the ercely contested vehicle lamp market. Article reference see pageBase stamps and symbols.

The savings in time and money are considerable, especially on journeys abroad. This translates into extra safety, particularly on long night-time journeys. Modern bluish-white light up to Uatomotivas, similar to light from xenon lamps. catapogo

  ANSI A117 1992 PDF

Bravoluz – Lâmpadas Especiais

This presentation was given by Wim van Gils of Philips. In this way we are able to improve the quality of our products and services and defend our number one position in the face of tough international competition. Features at a glance. To meet our obligations arising from this directive, we provide information regarding our products on the products themselves, on the packaging and on the phulips enclosed with the products.

Poor visibility is one of the most frequent automoitvas of accidents on the road. Errors and omission excepted.

Via Lus – Lâmpadas Automotivas, Acessórios e Fusíveis – São Paulo/SP

The cabinet is available under the following EAN: Philips has a lot autimotivas competitive weapons Post on Nov views. Wim van GilsJanuary 24, 2. The folded blister protects the lamp. This is an effective way of reducing the risk of accidents.

The standard family of halogen lamps for price-conscious drivers.

Light is taken to mean the electromagnetic radiation that the human eye perceives as brightness, in other words that part of the spectrum lampadaa can be seen.