Welding Inspection (WIS) TWI Training & Examination Services Granta . near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials give 90 The eLearning materials for CSWIP , one of TWI’s most popular courses, have been in great demand ever since the TWI Virtual Academy was launched at the. CSWIP – Welding Inspector PLUS Theory Pre-course eLearning Package and visual revision tools to support the learning materials and course content.

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Which cxwip the following heat treatment processes would be used for grain refinement? Ultrasonic would be preferred over radiography due to: Which of the following are considered to be HAZ cracks?

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We organise over 15 courses in Italian, scheduled annually at various venues throughout the country. Which of the following is an inspection point in Sub Arc Welding?

The HAZ associated with a fusion weld on steel has up to how many separate regions of micro structure? If the amperage is too low during the welding of a root bead, the possible result would be: Which of the cawip is not a type of crack?

What action should the inspector take: What is the throat thickness of a mitre fillet weld equal leg length?


The certification has a five-year duration, renewed on presenting the relevant documents. In accordance with BS which of the following is classified as triple de-oxidized filler wire? A large grain structure in steels said to produce: Silicon is added to electrode coating as: What types of electrodes needs extra treatment?

Repair welding is often more difficult than production due to: What is another term for suck back? The deviation of the arc during arc welding due to external magnetic influences is known as: An E80 electrode would normally be classified in which standard: Passion for continuous career development Read more.

The steel composition in a structural contract is changed maerial 0.

CSWIP Welding Inspector 3.1

After repair it was determined that the wrong electrodes had been used. If Submerged arc welding is to be used to make butt welds, which would you be most critical of? Mateial Normalising heat treatment process is carried out by: Degreasing components are essential for quality welding but some agents may: Weld symbols placed on a dotted line in accordance with ISO requirements means: A welding procedure is useful to: What five parameters would be checked when calibrating maetrial equipment for mechanized MAG welding?

A welder qualification test is to verify: Which of the following is an alternative name for a crater crack? Which of the following steel structures has the highest hardness: A couree in a weld zone: Movement of the arc by magnetic forces matwrial MMA welding is termed: Every year more than 20, customers from around the world benefit from our comprehensive programme of courses delivered by certified trainers.


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Course Material for CSWIP 3.1 TWI Section 01

Which electrode classification would be relevant to AWS A5. You are to oversee the arc welding ciurse some machined fittings and find they are cadmium plated.

This site or the third party tools it uses, make use of cookies needed to function and useful for the purposes indicated in the cookie policy. In a bend test, the face of the specimen is in tension and root is in compression, the type of test being carried out would be: Which one of the following statements is false? Which of the following processes would be most prone to lack of fusion defects: