Sergio and I launched El Corno Emplumado in January Its very first issue included original work by such luminaries as Nicaraguan poet/priest Ernesto. A few of many were: La Cultura en México, Diálogos, El Rehilete, and among them, El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn, edited by Mexican poet, Sergio. In , Sergio Mondragon and Margaret Randall, an expatriate American in Mexico City, founded El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn (“the jazz horn of the.

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The bilingual quarterly, which ran from to almost pages per issue, published some of the best new work to come out cormo Latin and North America—with occasional sections from Canada, Finland, France, and other countries. Our cultural histories, personally as well as those of our respective countries, could not have been more different.

See complete El Corno Emplumado, plus interesting ephemera, at.

El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn: poetry, life and resistance

With few resources and having to confront the obstacles all first-time filmmakers face, they traveled two continents in order to tell our story. I was a free-spirited outspoken young woman, on the cusp of a world I absolutely expected to be able to change. Bookstores ordered the journal, but in many cases delayed paying their bills.

El fin del silencio. After listening to our plans, he reached in his desk drawer, pulled out a thousand-peso note and handed it to us. I had household help and more flexible hours in a society that was laid back and loved children.


In the reading room, your new first issue. In its last year Robert Cohen replaced Mondragon on the masthead. I emplumaro grown up in New Mexico, and such was my provincialism.

We eventually immigrated to Cuba. Here she was my neighbor. They absolutely believed that it was possible to change the world through literature. In 11 July, Lawrence Empluamdo wrote: Much better than any former issue, I think. Over our 8-year run, we published more than poets, fiction writers, and visual artists from 37 countries, many of them several times.

Not just one kind of sound. America five hundred years ago was clouds of birds, miles of bison, endless forests and grass and clear water. The result is a crono minute documentary. We subscribed to a loosely defined sense of freedom through the word. For emplimado or seven years. Needless to say, ideas about craft are not static. But the problem nobody seems to write about, or teach us about, is how to grow old, how to wage daily battles against nostalgia.

Sergio was a young poet living and writing in the midst of this vortex.

Link for this page. What percentage of our project was imagination, what part crono, what part hard work? He was moved by the power of that collection to plan an exhibition and full-time on-line digitization of the journal, supported by his institution. Our early covers featured continuous lines of repeated type; later we incorporated some stunning paintings and photographs.

Each of us was at a transitional point in our lives, unburdened by a 9 to 5 job.

What was the connection between our personal relationship and our curatorial decisions? Woman in Battle Dress.


El Corno Emplumado / The Plumed Horn – Margaret Randall

The following is a fragment:. I have always believed this to be a simplistic assumption.

I finally met her in person when I traveled to the Cuban Cultural Congress inwhere we cemented a lifelong friendship. Her apartment immediately became a gathering place for young people who aspired to be writers. So I featured work from its first three years and only from its English side—hoping I would have a later opportunity to cover successive ell, or that Sergio coron be invited to present something from the Spanish.

Matti Rossi, the Finn who translated the rich selection of Finnish poetry that appeared in 14 April,wrote us often.

El corno emplumado / The Plumed Horn

Some years later the journal became a major conceptual component for an exhibition I curated in The places I most loved. El Cornowith its posture of resistance against social injustice, was published in a critical moment of the history of the American continent. I learned to speak. ByEl Corno was a consolidated escape valve for writers and artists in search of a place to express their political concerns during a period signaled by revolution, wars and totalitarianisms.

They go back to the Neolithic: I believe it was our greatest failing.