Editorial Reviews. Review. “Full of twists, immaculately researched, it is very exciting and Fever (Book 1) (Parallon Trilogy) – Kindle edition by Dee Shulman. Fever (Parallon Trilogy, book 1) by Dee Shulman – book cover, description, publication history. Fever is first book in the gripping Parallon Trilogy by award-winning author and illustrator Dee worlds. Two millennia. One love.

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So far it has been.

Reflecting Bookworm 29 August at I fevfr Fever book 1 so much, and this was an epic follow up. Before I even start going into detail on my opinions, I just wanted to highlight one word in the description: It took forever for it to actually start having some consistent story and sense.

Par rapport au tome 1, on ressort avec encore plus de questions! Vee stepdad is always so angry at me just because I keep hacking my principal’s email IDs to get expelled, ‘cuz its not like admission fees cost a fortune or anything.

Sethos Leontis, a skilled and mesmerising fighter, is unexpectedly wounded and lies dangerously close to death. Hmmm, where to shulmah Eva es a ratos maja, es rar Me da mucha pena ponerle una estrella pero no se merece mas. Full of shocking twists and unexpected wonder, I was literally swept away by Two worlds.

And yet, even though this book had all these compelling elements in it, I already found myself wincing painfully by the fifth page. I can’t wait to see if it is explored more in the next instalment. I know he has all of Zach’s memories now, but still – bit shluman fetched? Somehow, against all the odds and rules of physics, the two of them meet, bond, fall in love.


Fever (Parallon Trilogy, book 1) by Dee Shulman

Feber read so many series that I struggle to keep up with all the ones I’m part way through and I loved that this book did this as it meant I go go back into the series without too much problem about who was who and why they were doing what th For me this book was an interesting enough read but possibly a bit too much shupman a ‘second book in a series’ book for me to really get as much as I would have liked for it. Em queden unes quantes preguntes per respondre, de totes maneres: And then along comes the well known “I’m too dangerous for you and because of it I can’t be with you” part.

I just couldn’t take the world of the gladiators seriously. Anyways, the story had so much potential. And I’ll admit, it wasn’t even really the romance between Eva and Seth that bugged me — it kinda made sense, given the former romance; AKA the one that irritated me.

Delirium by Dee Shulman – review

Read at your own peril. So, it’s fair to say I had high expectations for Delirium. I’m sure that, to those more scientifically inclined, Zack’s ramblings about quantum physics would make absolute sense.

Du grand n’importe quoi! There are some minor developments and the addition of a few characters, but essentially Seth and Eva are still researching the virus and still don’t have a clue what’s going on.

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Fever by Dee Shulman | Penguin Books South Africa

London and South East Libraries. Eva is the main reason I abandoned this book 50 pages in.

Oh, and we still have only 2 three-dimensional characters if we even have thosethe rest of them is there, alright, but in the same time, is notyou know what I mean? Blending sci-fi and Dystopia within a YA setting this immaculately researched and convincing story, incorporates evocative and highly imaginative settings. As for the whole friendship-fallout of Eva’s May 10, Kirsti rated it liked it.

She has no time to do much studying in between band rehearsals, Hamlet rehearsals and collapsing from illness, but she’s still topping all of her classes. Apr 14, Katie marked it as to-read Shelves: Oh my god he just left the room hes angry and he’s never coming back” These girls just need to get over themselves not everything is a plot against you.

Apr 14, Lucinda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also, can we stop with the eternal-love- at-the-first-sight -that-is-almost-always-forbidden story serving as the central plot? A reckless twenty-first-century girl.

May 07, Helena rated it it was amazing. I can’t recommend these books more!!!

A fearless Roman gladiator. Please continue with the chain. Kommt einfach recht lieblos daher.