Fibrosing mediastinitis (FM), which is also known as mediastinal fibrosis or sclerosing mediastinitis, is an uncommon, benign and progressive condition. What is Fibrosing Mediastinitis? Medistinal fibrosis is the common, but most severe, late complication of Histoplasmosis. Many Physicians believe mediastinal. Idiopathic Fibrosing Mediastinitis. Questions posed and edited by Candace McIntosh and Lucille Enix Reponses by James Loyd, M.D.. What are the symptoms.

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Idiopathic FM can have any or all of the symptoms listed above. Together we are strong. My experience with Histo-related FM suggests that it is uncommon for it to progress further after patients develop symptoms and the diagnosis is made. There are no longitudinal reports that provide answers to these important questions.

When scar has developed in a major vessel to the extent that it restricts blood flow to or from a lung, the decreased blood flow may cause lung infarction, with pain of pleurisy. It could be important for patients to know which structures are occluded in selected circumstances, such as if they needed a central vein catheter for some other problem. Each of the imaging modalities used clinically has unique advantages and disadvantages.

If you are interested in participating in a study of mediastiniyis diseases, recently instigated by Dr. Is the circulatory system affected and, if so, in what ways? The symptoms that arise from this condition often lead to the diagnosis of fibrosing mediastinitis. A fibrosiing report described a response of PET scan activity to rituximab, a monoclonal antibody treatment that decreases B lymphocytes, in a pilot trial in 3 FM patients Westerly Mediastinitks therapy does have significant risk of injury to other organs and has not been studied for treatment of FM.

When FM patients cough blood, catheterization of the aorta to perform bronchial artery embolization is effective to block the arteries that are the source of bleeding in most patients.


In Idiopathic FM cough may be related to the direct compression on the airways, or to fluid accumulation in the lung caused by compression of vessels.

Fibrosing Mediastinitis – NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Symptoms can be present for years before diagnosis. Mediastinal granuloma can also be caused by mycobacteria, so tuberculosis testing should be performed in patients at risk for it. Medistinal fibrosis is the common, but most severe, late complication of Histoplasmosis. In what ways do the progress and treatment of Idiopathic FM differ from the progress and treatment of Histo-related FM?

When structures of both lungs are affected, this medoastinitis be serious and life threatening, so catheterization with stenting Albers to restore flow in some vessels may benefit many patients. The Mayo Clinic experience. There are to few fibosing with the Idiopathic fibroding to study whether there is an HLA association.

Government funding, and some supported by private industry, are posted on this government web site.

…a little information goes a long way

Some reports describe responses of individual patients to prednisone or tamoxifen, but we need better information about the magnitude of response, its duration, and for what percent of patients. There are no reports of studies of the immune system in Idiopathic FM.

This procedure is available by interventional radiologists in most major medical centers. What is the prognosis? The surgical removal was associated with rapid regrowth of new fibrotic tissue back to its former extent within just a few months of its removal.

Prognosis The mortality rates for fibrosing mediastinitis depend on the form and its extent. Do the diagnostic procedures themselves complicate the treatment or aggravate the disease or its symptoms?

What is Mfdiastinitis antigen? Compression of the superior vena cava may cause swelling of face or arms, and enlargement of the veins on the chest. In addition, it can occur in association with other idiopathic fibroinflammatory disorders at sites outside the chest, including retroperitoneal fibrosis, sclerosing cholangitis, Riedel thyroiditis, pseudotumor of the orbit, and others. There are no proven causes of Idiopathic FM.


In Idiopathic FM, prednisone or similar medications seem to help some patients, so they are reasonable to try in most patients. For information about clinical trials conducted in Europe, contact: I know several patients eleven who died from FM affecting both lungs, usually because of respiratory failure or heart failure.

A year-old man with chest pain, fibrsoing, and a mediastinal mass. What are the symptoms of Idiopathic FM?

Have you had a patient with Idiopathic FM whose fibrosis shrank or disappeared after treatment? Data is not available about the effectiveness of these treatments, and most reports are individual cases, so it is not possible to be sure whether a response was actually caused by the treatment.

Some medications which were used in the past, such as methysergide or cafergot for migraine headaches, and some of the earliest beta blockers were associated with abnormal fibrosis. Diagnosing either form of fibrosing mediastinitis is best accomplished by chest CT, a scan that shows the abnormal tissue in the mediastinum the space between the lungs.

Some current clinical trials also are posted on the following page on the NORD website: If so, what treatment did you use and why do you think the fibrosis receded? Understanding of each condition may be critical for correct diagnosis.

Idiopathic fibrosing Mediastinitis is even less common, but may have multiple causes, none of which are related to histoplasmosis. There is no standard therapy for either form of fibrosing mediastinitis.