The Gossen Digiflash 2 Light Meter is an ideal enhancement for minimalistic, but nevertheless demanding photographers. This meter exp. The Gossen DigiFlash is a hand held exposure meter. This is an hybrid designed meter because it features a digital display with measurements. Gossen also makes this same meter with the ability to measure flash, called the Gossen Digiflash. The version discussed here only measures continuous light.

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Quick order Please Enter Your name. Since this is my first ever meter other than those built in to my cameras, i had been a little hesitant about the digifash. That value is then placed precisely under the red indicator.

The lack of a flash sync port does make it more cumbersome to use than it could have been, but this simply means a two step flash metering method.

Is it robust enough? It takes a moment but is not very hard to learn how to key through the functions with the 2 buttons, and because the meter is small, the numbers on the dial are also small, but the meter works great and is very compact and light.

This product is not sold individually. Personally, what l like about this meter is it displays in EVs like the Pentax spot meter.

Is it precise and sensitive enough? But I’m fine with that. Every week Twice monthly Once per month Once per quarter Just once. See more of my observations and others at: It’s okay in low light, but I don’t think any meter is that great really at night. Rated 5 out of 5 by Roberto from Fabulous article.


Rated 5 out of 5 by Harmenthys from Smaller than I imagined! Rated 5 out of 5 by Rachelle from Wonderful! This meter disappears in my hand. Your request is sent! I think it’s possibly a good holiday gift for me, but if it’s a crap I wanted a small meter to carry with my Rolleiflex. The two button interface does make moving through the timer, alarm, and temperature functions somewhat tedious if you find yourself taking readings between flash and ambient frequently.

This product is not yet available in our rent sortiment, however You can vote for it and possibly one day we will add it to rent! Read the required F-stop on the scale opposite your flash sync speed. Simlpy enter the desired sync speed, and trigger the flash. Took all of about 5 minutes to calibrate it. Karen Nakamura’s put hers through the clothes washing machine and it came out working fine.

Gossen Digiflash User Manual

I own two other larger meters, a Minolta IV and a Pentax digital spot. Please Enter Email Address so we can send notification, if that product become available for rent.

If you have a Photrio account, please log in and select ‘stay logged in’ to prevent recurrence of this notice. Be the first to review this item. I loved the form factor and the ability to see lots of exposure combinations all at once – and the Digiflash fit that. Which Exposure Meters is best for me?

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Gossen Digiflash – a worthy gadget? | Photography Forums

Easy enough to achieve with your camera slung around your neck and a wireless flash controller with a test button. Discussion in ‘ Miscellaneous Equipment ‘ started by eumeniusDec 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here. The price it is selling for in spring of is a little higher than I would have liked for the meter’s useful functions, but still far better than other offerings on the market.


So don’t think it’s feature packed. I use it all the time when I don’t want to carry my larger meter. Rated 3 out of 5 by James M. Gossen Digiflash 2 overview. Help to choose from Gossen Exposure Meters or from other brands.

Checking it against meters in my DLSR and mirrorless cameras, I found it was underexposing a tad from the factory. In Stock Update Location close. No damage at all, and it works fine.

How to choose Exposure Meters? Last items in stock!

International orders are processed the next shipping day. Photos are perfectly exposed, even for flash!


Dec 28, 1. By continuing to use this site, you are diiflash to our use of cookies. The Digisix is just as accurate as my Minolta Flashmeter III for ambient readings, but since the dome is small, you do have to be a little more careful that you’re pointing it in the right direction. Send a link to this item so recipient can review, customize or exchange for an alternate of equal or lesser value.

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