Beelzebub’s Tales To His Grandson. Commentary by Terry Winter Owens and Suzanne D. Smith. This book is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books. With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Editors’ Note. Gurdjieff wrote Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson from through , and continued in later years to.

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This revised edition, in preparation for many years talees the direction of Gurdjieff’s closest pupil, Jeanne de Salzmann, meets this need. This book was written in a strange way that requires the reader to “actively mentate” while reading. This book is without doubt one of the most extraordinary books ever published.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

When he was young, he spent the majority of his gurdjueff traveling extensively throughout the East in an attempt to gain knowledge concerning the very fundamental truths of life. Perhaps there are indications here of what kind of fuel could be used to keep oneself in perpetual effort to develop. As they travel, Beelzebub regales Hassein with tales about the Earth, about events in the universe, and about gudrjieff and psychological law.

It has a few flubs, such as chapter heads run into the main text. The brain predetermined by Great Nature for the concentration and further actualizing of berlzebubs first holy force of the sacred Triamazikamno, called the Holy-Affirming, is localized and found in the head. Any chapter can be accessed quickly by using the index links.

This revision was begun on the initiative of Jeanne de Salzmann. It is, in a very rea”l way, one of the first truly ‘postmodern’ works of art. It will be useful chiefly because I have decided already to make the “salt,” or as contemporary pure-blooded Jewish businessmen would say, the “Tzimus” of this story, one of the basic principles of that new literary form which I intend to employ for the attainment of the aim I am now pursuing by means of this new profession of mine.

It must even be emphasized that although even before this event I already did everything not as others did, yet my manifestations were hardly thrust before the eyes of my fellow countrymen around me, but from the moment when the essence of this principle of living was assimilated in my nature, then on the one hand all my manifestations, those intentional for any aim and also those simply, as is said, “occurring out of sheer idleness,” acquired vivifyingness and began to assist in the formation of “corns” on the organs of perception of every creature similar to me without exception who directed his attention directly or indirectly toward my actions, and on the other hand, I myself began to carry out all these actions of mine in accordance with the injunctions of my deceased grandmother to the utmost possible limits; and the practice was automatically acquired in me on beginning anything new and also at any change, of course on a large scale, always to utter silently or aloud:.


Guaranteed there will be times where you want to throw this book out the window in complete frustration, and there will also be times where you will really find yourself in appreciation and understanding of it. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. And as regards my personal career, then thanks to all forces high and low and, if you like, even right and left, I have actualized it long ago, and have already long been standing on “firm-feet” and even maybe on very good feet, and I moreover am certain that their strength is sufficient for many more years, in spite of all my past, present, and future enemies.

This understanding of mine bids me inwardly to make the center of gravity of my warning my ignorance of the literary language. I read the book and I enjoyed it. But after this famous speech of his nobody brought him any of these customary offerings but brought or sent him only fruits, flowers, handiwork, and so on.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

But the content seems gursjieff be there. It is a spectacle. Aug 13, G. And that is why Beelzebub, after a long absence, happened now to be again in txles center of the Universe. The sale or monetary profiting in any manner of these files are strictly prohibited. I agree with many things he writes about.

Besides, time itself had by now inevitably aged him, and the said unusual conditions of existence had brought Beelzebub, just that Beelzebub who had had such an exceptionally strong, fiery, and splendid youth, to an also talss old age. It is hard to remain merely curious about the Gurdjieff work. In my view, the major stumbling block is the opinion, that many readers seem to arrive at, that Gurdjieff is playing some sophisticated kind of joke on the reader.

And it was as the outcome of this that Beelzebub was now making the long journey on the ship Karnak from the planet Karatas to the planet Revozvradendr.

About the Author G. Familiarity with the Gurdjieff work is not necessarily a prerequisite to receiving the book’s special gifts.

The barber, after a casual glance, said it was simply a “wisdom tooth” and that all those of the male sex have one like it, who until they first exclaim “papa” and “mamma” are fed on milk exclusively from their own mother, and who on first sight are able to distinguish among many other faces the face of their own father. First of all I must state that twenty or twenty-five years gurdjiefc, the Tiflis railway station had a “steam whistle. It really is that simple, or that complicated.

We are hurdjieff told how the character Beelzebub visits the Earth several times with the wish to learn more about mankind, than that which he bwelzebubs through his telescope from his ship and other planets.

Only when that period of your existence arrives which is proper for your becoming aware of such essence-questions, and you actively mentate about them, will you understand what you must do in return. Write a customer review. This, in fact, is not the case at all.

I personally am very pleased with the arising of this curiosity even though only in your “false” consciousness, as I already know from experience that this impulse unworthy of man can sometimes even pass from this consciousness into one’s nature and become a worthy impulse — the impulse of the desire for knowledge, which, in its turn, assists the better perception and even the closer understanding of the essence of any object on which, as it sometimes happens, the attention of a contemporary man might be concentrated, and therefore I am even willing, with pleasure, to satisfy this curiosity which has arisen in you at the present moment.


How could I forget such comical impressions?

The reader is given a detailed discussion of all matters physical, natural, and spiritual, from the creation of the cosmos to man’s teleological purpose in the universe. This book can change your life, make you want to explore your innermost self more, or just piss you off. His complete series of books is entitled All and Everything.

Just in this alone I shall follow their example and also begin with such an address, but I shall try not to make it very “sugary” as they usually do, owing particularly to their evil wiseacring by which they titillate the sensibilities of the more or less normal reader. This process, it seems, is also ceasing, and in all the depths of my consciousness, and let us meanwhile say “even beneath my subconsciousness,” there already begins to arise everything requisite for the complete assurance that it will entirely cease, because I have remembered another fragment of life wisdom, the thought beelzbeubs which led my mentation to the reflection that if I indeed acted against the advice of the highly esteemed Mullah Nassr Eddin, I nevertheless acted without premeditation according to the principle of that extremely sympathetic — not so well known everywhere on earth, but never forgotten by all who have once met him — that precious jewel, Karapet of Tiflis.

Taales do I think his intention personally with this book was not to be some bible or Brahmanical text which suddenly opens the aspirant to spiritual sanctuary and understanding. Meetings with Remarkable Men by G.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson – Wikipedia

Do not be impatient. Not an easy read at all. Beelzebub decides that the Karnak should wait in outer space until the comet has gone by. Hassein asks what hope there is for the salvation of people on Earth, and most aptly the story ends with the reply:. This strange tooth had seven shoots and at the end of each of them there stood out in relief a drop of blood, belzebubs through each separate drop there shone clearly and definitely one of the seven aspects of the manifestation of the white ray.

The formulation in words of this new “all-universal principle of living” is as follows:. The Law of Three states that there are three rather than two forces always in operation.