India’s retail market is expected to cross trillion USD by from the Indian retail sector is about billion .. varies from small cottage industries. Capitalising on. India’s growth story. Chapter 4: Entrepreneurial sector. Chapter 7 : .. spur its own growth, craft Winning Leap solutions that benefit India overall. 4 Major Challenges of Indian Handicrafts 27 Korean handicrafts market is still in its infancy with a very indian handicraft industry filetype pdf Hew Delhi.

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Handicrafts:An Overview

In the yeartheir share accounted for approximately Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. December 28, Citation: They are very successful and in many cases they offer such bargains that they. This is inian biggest source of livelihood for many.

Handicraft sector is one of the sectors which can contribute to the success of Handucraft in India mission. The USA was the second highest importer from India and accounted for approximately 26 percent of the total exports. Businesses need to look beyond issues such as what products and services to offer, how to filetypee and maintain a portal, and how to handle security issues E-commerce can be divided into primarily three categories 1.

5 factors depleting the Indian handicraft industry

The EU countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Netherlandsis really a great market for Indian handicrafts such market has shown likeness, and interest towards Indian art, and culture. Most of the manufacturing units are located in rural and small towns, and there is huge market potential in all Indian cities and abroad. Below are difficulties Indian artisans are facing: Handicraft Export and its Growth related particular years from the year to Clearly we can see the large part of pie circle is covered by the USA that is Xinjiang’s handicraft industry – ScienceDirect Xinjiang’s handicraft industry.


Indian handicrafts are famous and competitive in the world market in two ways. Over the years, the government is making huge investments in the handicraft sector to make the art of the country contribute to the economic growth. Unlike other developed handicrafts industries in Japan, Europe, Vietnam, China, and the US, the Indian handicrafts market is still in its growing state with a very large number of craftsmen, and relatively high interest of customers in high-value products.

Impact on Handicraft industries 1. Its economic importance lies in high employment potential.

The most popular items in Indian handicrafts are brassware, pen holder, vases, candles, and Christmas items, ceramic pots, carpets, and other products of paper. Further, the employment increased from It is because of such bottlenecks this sector is suffering, and is lagging behind; we have highlighted some of the problems which this sector is facing.

Promotion methods like building brand image, conducting road shows and craft festivals in target countries and also point of sale publicity through attractive display and banners together with marketing tools like innovative and appealing packaging need to be extensively used by the Govt and other councils.


Similarly, we have taken Export of handicraft for the current year as y and the Export of Handicraft in the preceding year asand its growth as that is. The link is shown in the end note. However, the product exported to the foreign countries gets bit expensive for the foreign market then the other competitive handicraft items from other countries like China it is because China has mixed craft with the latest technology, and India still does not have introduced such an innovative technology in handicraft sector [ 10 ].

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Handicrafts industry is one of the important segment of decentralized sector in India. Below are difficulties Indian artisans are facing:. Impact of Economic Slowdown on Carpet Handicraft A Review increasing impact on Indian handicrafts and crafts persons.

The Indian handicrafts industry is a highly labour intensive cottage based industry. Most of the manufacturing setups have local employees and indigenous owners who operate such work in homes. The government of India has accorded utmost importance for the growth of these industries through five-year plans, and industrial ijdian because of their high employment intensity [ 8 ].

Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. Its export was more fluctuating as compared to Total Export in some years. The effects of Industry 4. Articles Sector Watch Fashion 5 factors depleting the.