UPDATE (11 Aug. ): The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is now available IN PDF and IN PRINT WITH FREE PDF. The first copies of the. I loved the Savage Worlds edition, but the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club really grabbed gamers’ imaginations. The Fate crowd was already. The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is a game of superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London, written by Benjamin Baugh, adapted for the FATE system by.

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Posted August 11, at 8: And the part of Kerberos Club I’m using is basically the one where you can build custom skills out of different trappings. But since it’s a GM-controlled plot-driving Extra, you don’t need to care about the details – just declare that the ability exists. Potentially a very interesting one! Obviously some of the material is setting-specific.

Legends of the Guard series; he also wrote the DC mini-series Flashpoint: It earned raves from critics and gamers and was nominated for an Ennie Award for Best Setting of Custom Skills with far-ranging effects are more expensive to gain in character creation. However this book makes me want to run this campaign- it grabbed my attention and had me thinking about the kinds of rich stories I could tell in this world.

Characters using a power of higher tier against an opponent gain bonus dice for the action. Important for Kerberan characters, it covers matters of crime and law as well.

The rules offer a host of sample skills as well- from the mundane to the fantastic. We’re starting to ramble; I’ll try to edit all this into the answer later, so we can delete comments. How much is this going to be?


Tabletop Review: The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition

Fellow players may do this as well. Sign up using Email and Clb. Losing powers, or trading for lower-refresh cost, is obviously not a problem. That choice affect which of the four Social Classes the player may choose. Perhaps your Kerberans can change that.

A Strange ‘Fate’ for ‘The Kerberos Club’

The authors have cleverly chosen these NPC backgrounds to illuminate certain parts of the world, from Automechanicals to the Faerie Courts. About Arras WordPress Theme. Arc Dream Webstore Shop Here!

It will probaby be about four pages long, including an illustration or map or two. Two sections cover specific places in London. Just picked up the Fate version and looking forward to reading it all. Every subject of Victoria’s vast Britannic empire knows lerberos “the Strange” has touched our world. Britain wars with and then brings the faerie into the Empire. Your email address will not be published.

The Kerberos Club brought the action back to the middle and late s and placed it kerveros the British Empire.

Players start with one customizable Gift and can purchase more later; these include Companions, Equipment, Impact a boosted SkillSignature Aspect, Skilled more skill pointsand Theme minor bonuses related to a circumstance. The layout is solid and clear.

In Dresden your character falls to supernatural lack-of-self-control, and that’s a theme that fits really well with Misfits – minus the supernatural. Strange Fate put two new wrinkles on Fate: This begins with character creation.

The first offers brief tidbits on the sections and neighborhoods of the city. In order to use an aspect, a player must spend from their Fate point pool which refreshes at the beginning of each session. And of course, that fall would usher in the Twentieth Century, the era of Spirit of the Century. Of course each version of Fate offers its own tweaks and takes on the system. While the campaign structure of the Club itself offers a refuge, the Victorian world can be difficult for players used to greater autonomy.


All of these options make for a more involved character creation process than other rules-lite systems, or even than many other Fate games. In the early part of the century, the Kerberans quietly act and keep their identities and roles secret. Players next pick their aspects, using the choices they made earlier to help decide. A campaign set in this early period looks like like Buffy or Call of Cthulhubut the situation changes as the years move on.

Several additional sub-systems add even more options- such as campaign aspects and the ability for characters to create legacies between stories. About Arras WordPress Theme. Arc Dream Publishing Tabletop roleplaying games and more. It begins its superheroism a hundred years before the traditional dawn of comic book superheroes.

CSturgess 1 9. Towards the end of the era, the mystical, strange and weird have reached a high tide. Queen Victoria herself shows signs of mystical powers, becoming an embodiment of the British Empire itself.

Here the Kerberos Club members fight openly against these threats- a team of high-power supers joined together. Players will want to print a copy of that out. Kerberos Club members, themselves strange, operate kerbeos openly.

Fate Edition is the latest version of this unique setting, with Arc Dream having previously published it as a sourcebook for Savage Worlds and Wild Talents.