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Ley No. , Sobre Procedimiento de Casación, Modificada por la Ley No. 08 · Ley No. , Que Instituye la Jurisdicción Contencioso-Administrativa. 09 01 1 24 FAI LURES AT SH 1 R LEY BAS IN T OF (, PT IM i Z E D DESIGN PARAM ET. $3 »A’LEY. KAY Ann Ava. Shafter. Calk.—2* .. $6 99 BAKER .. $ DEMERY. JASPER Box Wasco. Calif—3* .. $ DIAZ.

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See Llndgren or Loock.

Deed at the expense of the purchaser or purcnasers. In the Matter of the Estate of Charles E. Slater, deceased, at the time of her deatn, in and to the following described real le situated in the County of San Bernardino- State of caiitornia, described as follows, to-wlt Lot 1, Block D. The newcomer may find the city very attractive from the first viewpoint, but if he senses a situation such as outlined in the second viewpoint, he is very apt to be influenced adversely In his decision to locate, or to believe in this community and become a part of Its civic life.

Combs’ 4491-08 to the project was Interpreted as an attempt to delay it until after the city election on April 8. Brown recalls as if the incidents of which he speaks occurred yesterday. The damage has been done, is being done and will continue to be done as long as the present situation- exists at tho city hall.

Best of condition, double garage, lawn and shrubbery. Rosslter, the Secretary of said corporation, P. The terms and conditions of said salo are cash, In lawful money of the United Ldy ten per cent 10 inereot wun oia ana tne balance unon confirmation by the court.

Councilman Combs a week ago insisted upon a delay in the project, asserting that he wished a week’s time in which to interview the property owners of his ward as to their wishes. A real permanent home.


Reference Is hereby made to said petition, filed herein, for further particulars. Milllkln at the time of his death In and to that certain parcel of land particularly described as follows, to wit: You Are Hereby Directed to appear end answer stild complaint within ten no auys irnrn tne service or this summons, exclusive of tho day of service, It served on you in the ssld County of Sen Bernardino, and within thirty 30 days, exclusive of the day of service, if served elsewhere.


Brown’s address brought frequent cheers and applause from the crowd, particularly when he humorously referred to the mild weather, suggestive of a ely house-cleaning, which he added, might well be extended to the city hall. Call, Attorney, Los Angeles. Notice is hereby given that the unrteralcned executor of the estate of Henry L.

No information over the phone. You have petitioned for improvements of all kinds 49108 one only needs to drive through this section of the city to realize the progressive spirit which prevails.

See H, Spencer, V St. Ralphs, he pointed out, does not speak in a derogatory 4991-08 of his opponents but, on the other hand, refers to them as gentlemen, an unusual development In San Bernardino’s municipal campaigns when compared with the past. A, it was announced at a dinner meeting of the teams last night at the assocla. Shown, by appointment only, A. I am Informed that the favored route for this aqueduct passes through the northern portion of the city. Now Is the time to uuy.

And, 4991-08 is equally, if not more important to the welfare of the community as a whole, it will beget a spirit of optimism as to our future growth and development, and a spirit of confidence in the possibilities of San Bernardino, and a true spirit of clvio pride in all the institutions of the city that go to make 491-008 Bernardino a better place in which to live and labor and to 491-80 the fruits of our labor. The system should be divided into sections, the sprinklers being pey to a pipe line following 491–08 truss across the building, to be turned on by a hand-opened valve.

Hanford, will be heard at Texas; Helen Ewell Bumpas, 18, Tennessee. This sturdy and economical six is Just the type of car your neighbors will believe you purchased new. Phone 13 ACRES of walnuts for income proD’ erty, 6 acres of walnuts for clear property, 5 acres of walnuts for good residence, 10 walnuts, oranges and alfalfa, want mcomo property.


Cash In lawful money of the United States 491-0 America, or part cash and balance on credit which credit is to be secured pey a promissory note and a Deed of Trust uoon said uroDerty. Sacrifice Sale One clear lot 60x located on East 10th St.

Como and see it Sunday p. The purchaser must assume the paving. Traders Finance Corporation E St. Sub mit, uwner, raui zscneue, enow chllla. What have you to offer? In the Matter of the Estate of Frederick C. Can be seen from 9 a. Smith, the administrator of the estate of. Veterans’ Welfare Board of the State of Culirorr. McCloskey pointed to the city hall and its turbulent twoyear record as a situation detrimental to the city’s development “What Is the situation at the city hall?

Pay cash and we will finance and build your home. The object of this action is to obtain a Judgment of said. Said action is brought to determine the adverse claims to. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned administrator of the estato nf Leslie V. I don’t know what per cent of the property owners have signed the petition.

Notice is hereby given by the under signed, Mary Mcintosh, executrix of the last leu and testament of Alex ander Rennle. Combs’ name was called and he rose and said: Home in San Bernardino to exchange lor itedianns.

Presentación Tesis Maestria by Samuel Beard on Prezi

Notice is hereby given oey the under signed, Elmer H. Ralphs to be a man of ideals, “a man who goes into office on a platform In which there is not a plank of derogatory criticism of his opponents’ characters, a man with sincere courage and ability to carry out his progressiva pledges. Phone S Funeral flowers and designs. Date of first publication, March 23,