Download Libreta Topográfica – Nivelación Geometrica Gratis APK Latest Version Free for Android. Coleccionismo – Laminas, Programas y Otros Documentos: Antigua libreta de nivelación de topografia. Compra, venta y subastas de Laminas, Programas y. Cargado por Claudia Elizabeth Ramirez. modelo de llenado de la libreta topografica. Guardar. Libreta Topografica (Nivelación, Triangulación). para más tarde.

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Checks and calculates the internal buckling of an I metallic section. Collects for surveying with manual or automatic capture.

Ensamblaje de Matrices nivelacjon. The information and exercises are in PDF format. Transforms projections with a north and east coordinate in relation an origin and an axis baseline. Facilitates the calculation of corbels. Also handles series and parallel, finds any variable in single pipe, and finds physical properties of liquid water at any temperature. Hormigon I CIV 1.

Results are put on the stack in different units of linear weight, where you can PICK the one suited to your needs in your calculations. Taludes – Rotura Libreat 1. It has some programs to calculate values like depth correction and shape correction in the design of foundations.


Calculo de la adherencia Acero – Concreto 1. Usually in construction cost analysis or in structural design an engineer needs to know the weight of a steel section. This program calculates any of the variables of the Hazen-Williams equation for loss in pipes.

Performs the analysis of unit costs, budget toplgrafica calculation of monomials to assemble the polynomial formula, according to Peruvian regulations. Creo tu App Android: Also solves compound clotoides spiral-spiral and spiral-circular-spiral by the same methods.

Program for static analysis of structures using the Kani method. Armaduras is a program that solves isostatics trusses. Helps you memorize formulas for centroids and inertia.

Grupo Acre Panamá

Performs the mass diagram for “earthworks” and other functions. Program for calculating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional center of gravity.

Simple reinforced concrete beam design program. Great survey package different from others.

Calculates flow rates in piping systems using Hardy Cross Method including loops, pseudo loops, pumps and the sum of resistance coefficients. Designs for flexing and compound compression. An extensive manual is included. Calculates the mass matrix, stiffness, flexibility, dynamic, eigenvalues, periods, frequencies and modes as both spring beams.

Program to nivdlacion the interior angles of any polygon with a central point, using the method of least squares, and it is very exact. This program calculates the terms independent, free, total and a lot of activities.


Facilitates the calculation of rectangular reinforced concrete beams, under conditions of flexocompresion using the Aci code.

Several utilities for hydraulics. It calculates everything for Hardy Cross. Elastic supports, inclined supports, thermal loads, defects of assembly, seats in supports and many more. This program is essentially the same as FEM49 v5. Calculates solid and dry weight, porosity, and more for soil. You only have to enter the radius of the circular part, the total deflection, and the length of the spiral. Gathers the different methods of structural solution, Mom.

Replanteo de Curvas 2. This program analyzes porticos by the matrix method. This program calculates the rw, well deviation, water sw, horizontal and vertical displacement with different methods, and has a formula of well log. The linreta is made using the method of “adimentionals” equations, verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to traction and compression.