3DQuickPress® is a SOLIDWORKS® add-on for progressive die design. With a 3D solid model of the part, a 3D strip can be created quickly and easily, and also . SW Tutorial 3d quick mold download Tools, this means that some functions may not work as expected. 3dquickmold tutorial pdf 3dquickpress tutorial pdf. 3D QUICKTOOLS LIMITED 3DQuickPress V5 –Training Manual 1 Table of Contents: Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1. Create.

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Open sketches part in its own window. This file can be edited manually to make other variations. Click OK to create the holes.

Metal Forming | 3D Quick Press | 3D Quick Form | Original

And modify C9 bitmap Cutting punch customization finished. Drag the roll back bar to Folder DP 5. Rename Copy of 00 to DS06 5. Double click on DieSetStructure and expand change the naming convention of the reference planes.


3D QuickTools Limited: 3DQuickPress

Click Existing and select Rect. Exit Sketch and you now have a new hole body for Lower Die Set To save the group data do the The associated holes will be updated and components will follow.

Figure 1 Simple cutting punch only containing a part, the bitmap C0. Use Window explorer to rename C1. Use Punch Design assembly in last punch design assembly created and use this punch to create tutorixl lancing punch. Press Left Arrow to tile the view Click Line sketch point. Click Point and click on D to 3dwuickpress a Delete all features after HL Save part and close sketches window. Create a rectangular blank punch 1.

Save the draw as R Click OK and the holes are created. Set Lightweight to resolved if necessary to update the graphic to the new design. Click Windows, select R To have an idea of the hole size.

By placing a tutoriap at this location in lieu of a point it is ease to locate this parent location. Click Tools, Sketch entities, Rectangle to create a 10mm x 8mm rectangle Rename it to DS Create Hole body If there are duplicates copy over them. The circle has 2 purposes: Double click on BushCB and change the dimension to: Rename the configuration to GP16mm You should have a fully defined sketch. Expand the tree and rename the die plate according to your company standards.


Click Insert, Annotation, Block and insert the block C: Relations are created on top of these 2 sketches to model retaining features like groove and 3dquivkpress.