ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST Alija’Ali Izetbegavic Islam Between East and West ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST ‘Alija’AIi Izetbegovic Third Edition. Islam between East and West by Alija Izetbegovic. Identifier IslamBetweenEastAndWestAlijaIzetbegovic. Identifier-ark ark://t0vq6s It is perhaps not known to many that Alija Izetbegovic, the celebrated Muslim statesman and the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is no less gifted as a scholar.

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Since he has lost his basic standard, he will always reduce humanism to the production of goods and their distribution according to need.

: Islam Between East and West (): Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic: Books

The working class is an example of a manipulated group which is flattered and cited but is seldom consulted and followed. It is obvious that the individual termite does not possess all the information on the construction of a termite hill.

The great esteem enjoyed by pure and applied science and mathematics is but a reflex of the techno-structure requirements, This ability is retained even when diluted up to times. The means of civilization are thought, language, and writing. According to data of a Swedish institution, in the iztbegovic capitalist countries the U.

Islam Between East And West Alija Izetbegovic

If 32 Creation and Evolution a problem arises, he terms it and goes on living, believing that the problem has been solved in this way. It offers ready-made solutions for all problems in life. This situation sometimes has tragic consequences in prac- tical life: Islam is such by its very definition.


What they were fighting against yesterday is today ap- proved, and some very dear ideas remain only as a decoration of theory. What is the place of Islam in this gigantic confrontation? The other universal idea which dominated the minds of primitive men was the idea of banishment.

Is man able to overcome this contradiction, this either or bet- ween heaven and earth, or is he condemned forever to this stretching between the two? An all-Muslim Bosnian state, endowed with a large and U. Education, too, can be inhuman: So far, we have not been able to reach the secret of the organization of our body, its food, or its nervous and spiritual energy. The parallel with man is obvious.

Biology is not a science about the essence of life, but a science about the phenomenon of life — about life as an object, as a pro- duct. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

Islam Between East and West – Alija Izetbegović – Google Books

Man is like a painting, a mosque, or a poem rather than the quantity or quality of the material of which he is made. Its outcome could turn to be even more important than the decision in the West what to do in and with Bosnia. Its contrary aspects depend on a different point of view: Islam is more than a religion for it embraces life.

In practical life, the situation is dif- ferent. We can bid welcome to it. It is more or less correct only in some aspects. Man has compensated for this deficiency of power which is a result of his ethics with his superior intelligence and other parallel abilities. Society gets the capacity of the whole, betwsen man becomes an ever-decreasing part of the social mechanism.


It is a spiritual, cosmic, and primeval fear bound to the secrets and riddles of human existence. Instead of pure doctrines, izetbegofic are offered their interpretations for everyday use.

Islam between East and West by ‘Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic

The only thing that is necessary and possi- ble is to izetbegoviic the myth of it. Jean Paul Richter New York: Why and from what did he seek salvation? To drill people to produce correct and disciplined citizens is likewise inhuman.

This is a deep and thought-provoking book that ponders upon the concept of morality, religion and Islam. However, in reality, there is neither pure religion nor alijaa sci- ence; for example, there is no religion without some elements of sci- ence in it and no science without some religious hope in it.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. It consists of an established missionary betwfen which came out of the earliest struggles within Islam. Different forms of crimes personal and publicthefts, deceits, corruption, and organized robberies represent a high price for the modem way of life and progress. Here we are faced with a constructive ability which can be explained neither physically nor chemically.