Green coffee scale, which has recently established in Western Australia, is considered to be an important pest of citrus and other fruit production. Green coffee. Coccus viridis was also reported as a pest in India at the end of the nineteenth century and has continued to cause problems for coffee growers, particularly in. Authors Ronald F. L. Mau, Extension Entomologist Jayma L. Martin Kessing, Educational Specialist Department of Entomology Honolulu.

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Coccus viridis is a soft scale insect in the family Coccidae with a wide host range.

viridks The direct effect of this was an increase in scale reproductive success and the indirect effect was a decrease in scale mortality resulting from the removal of predators and a decrease in parasitism rates. Preferred cultivated hosts are gardenia and ixora.

This keeps the attending ants away and allows natural enemies to clean up the infestation. Title Coccus viridis infected by V. Occas Pap Entomol Adults retain their legs and antennae but mostly remain sedentary. Thought to be of Brazilian viidis the green scale is presently cosmopolitan in distribution throughout the Tropics except for Australia.

Knowledge Bank home Change location. The mature female does not move Mau and Kessing Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide.


Direct insecticidal sprays to lower leaf surfaces and new growth to give thorough coverage. The nymphs are a flattish oval shape, yellowish green, with six short legs. Economically important crops include Anthuriumatemoyaavocadocacaocelerycherimoyacoffeecustard appleflowering gingerguavalimeMacadamiaorangeorchidPlumeria and sugar apple.

The preferred host for green scale in Florida is groundsel bush, Baccharis halimifolia Ciridis.

green scale – Coccus viridis (Green)

It is commonly known as green scale or sometimes coffee green scale because it is a major pest of coffee crops throughout the world. Occurring on arboreal parts of plant, particularly the undersides of leaves.

This species was intercepted 5, times on a variety of hosts at U. Green coffee scale Coccus viridis Green [Hemiptera: Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

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The nymphs shed their skin three times and each instar is larger and more convex than the previous one. Eggs hatch within the ckccus of the female. This pest is especially damaging to young trees in the first two years after transplanting Mau and Kessing Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, pp.

Adult female green scale, Coccus viridis Green. The newly hatched crawlers wander off to find somewhere viridiis to settle on a leaf or near the tip of a green shoot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Without the ants the green scale is biridis vulnerable to predation by beetles Mau and Kessing This scale is believed to be of Brazilian [5] or African origin [6] but is now widely distributed throughout the tropics [7].


Green scales on coffee-Kenya. Consideration should be given to the harmful effects of these chemicals on beneficial insects. Hussey NW, Scopes N. Some preliminary investigations of the green scale, Coccus viridis Greenin south Florida.

Green scale appears in a rather definite pattern on citrus leaves. This tropical soft scale may occur on cultivated hosts in commercial nurseries, resulting in a quarantine of the ciccus plants until the scale is under control. Eggs hatch into crawlers that wander around the plant or coccua to other hosts.

The undersurface of the leaf is preferred, and adult scales may be found in a line along both sides of the midrib and lateral leaf veins. Click here for a Catalog.

Scale Insects: Fact sheet

Virgin Islands, and Vietnam. Green scale is transported to new areas on infected plants. A study found that the entomopathogenic fungus, Cephalosporium lecaniiwas highly effective in controlling coffee green scale. Waterhouse, ; EPPO, In turn, the ants feed on the sweet honeydew excreted by the scales.