The suffering of the world is spoken of in terms of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survival of the fittest. Yet all the suffering of the. Hamza Yusuf Paperback Translation and commentary of Imam spirituality delves into the psychological diseases and cures of the heart. The suffering of the world is spoken of in term of wars, starvation, hatred, competition, and the struggle of the survival of the fittest. Yet all the.

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Purification of the Heart: Therefore I’m assigning the two stars rating back to this book. Jan 22, Jalendhari Tabeeb is currently reading it Shelves: Trivia About Purification of t Spiritual ailments befall every single human alike, and it is not just the Sufi who seeks a cure from them. I understood in the very beginning that the book was for the believers, so I am not going to criticize it for prescribing the fear of hereafter, Allah, verses from the Qur’an and Hadith as remedies.

Purification is a lifelong process, not a destination, so focusing on one or two chapters a day might better encourage us apply the small changes to our lives. It is from the unseen world that the phenomenal world emerges, and it is from the unseen realm of our hearts that all actions spring If you think your heart is already pure and doesn’t need purification, then your heart is most likely ill and needs the purification from the inherent arrogance.


He is well versed in the Arabic language and various Sufi lineage of tariqat pathways for students of Sufism. Covetousness, the desire to aggress and exploit, the longing to pilfer natural resources, the inordinate love of wealth, and other maladies are manifestations of diseases found nowhere but in the heart.

Apr 19, Jessica rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Now i realized that i owe him a lot.

In so many ways, we have brought this upon ourselves. For those who notice it, they engage in the remembrance of God.

Jul 11, Hafsa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This book goes over the pitfalls in life and the biggest challenges to avoid Good book – interesting that even though it’s kind of like an essay it’s still an overall enjoyable read.

I recommend everyone out there to get it or download it online and benefit from it. Hamza Yusuf is one of the few scholars I am aware about; he speaks well publicly, as I recall even though I haven’t heard much of it – but I remember he has funny jokes, once: It delves into religious spirituality on how to clean your heart, and keep it free from, envy, hatred and arrogance.

It was a seriously the perfect read for the well-need introspection I wanted to pursue this winter recess! Personally, I benefited from its every word. This was my pick for January.

A good book for self introspection not only for Muslims but also non Muslims. False hope, negative thoughts, vanity, fraud, anger, envy,etc.

Purification of the Heart: Signs, Symptoms and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart

Then not even two years later, i got this book ihsan pemberian wang dari seseorang. This is the only empowering purfiication that we can take.


It is oficially my favourite book now. This is a wonderful book that I shall read again and again for it’s tremendous benefit! As a pragmatic and non-mystic A good book for self introspection not only for Muslims but also non Muslims. Beautifully written th I read this book in two days. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to purify their hearts: Yusuf resides in Northern California with his wife and children.

Audio Series • Hamza Yusuf – Purification Of The Heart • Muslim Central

He wrongs pyrification tongue and oppresses his heart. It emphasises the Islamic prification of starting with rectifying the self before wanti ‘Purification of the Heart” is easy to follow, well-structured and profound in its advice.

As a pragmatic and non-mystical Muslim, I found that I was aware of most, if not all of the concepts presented in the book and even though it served to reaffirm many issues, I did not always see pragmatic spiritual excercises for betterment. I’m speechless when it comes to this book.

It is a slow and subtle drowning. Open Preview See a Problem? So I took back the two stars rating that I gave it initially and refrained from rating it at all.