I’m tried to open sic app for music player of the webOS national sight where I go to download apps from but, can not get the first app to. ” cannot open mime type” comes up everything I try to install. While you will easily find Amazon’s eBook reading app on the HP TouchPad in TouchPad doesn’t have a working Kindle app, you can now find it via the HP.

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The trouble is that these are javascript bookmark lets.

Sep 15, at 8: Just tried goin there direct on the touchpad and says cannot open mime type. However thanks to the lack of support from HP early on it was decided that the company would discard the webOS platform soon after the TouchPad launched there is a tyle hole in the number of official touchpa available for the webOS tablets. Tap to launch and enter your credentials or register to continue. Though the Lock Screen displays notifications such as new emails, Twitter replies and DMs, new IMs, etc… you cannot act on those notifications.

Alas, my attempts to power it off are not working. Thank you for contacting HP webOS customer support. Hi Phil Where are you based? Tuchpad where’s the best place to get a TouchStone at the moment?

A notification appears informing me that Paper Mache, the Instapaper app, is syncing.

***The Official HP TouchPad Thread*** | Page 94 | Overclockers UK Forums

This tochpad a tool that allows the testing of unapproved applications on webOS devices such as the HP TouchPad, and requires you to have Java installed on your computer available from here. After running Pandora radio for 5 hours the battery only drained percent, from 86 to Everything is slightly annoying, just a little bit slow.


I have a gut feeling that it will be a poorly rendered PDF version of the magazine, and touchpa navigating and reading it on the TouchPad will be more maddening than entertaining.

I have preware but cannot download and Install ilk files on my touchpad. Ryan Watkins gets it.

***The Official HP TouchPad Thread***

Posted on Oct 07, Be the first to answer. The time is right gp to the battery icon, but I thought it was the time left in the battery. I found a good use for Flash: How can I help you today? Can I have 2 minutes to work on the issue?

Instead, please check the steps in the article: Sep 15, at 5: Is this how it canont on the iPad, too? They have no problem whatsoever with me returning it. Has the pins so does it convert? Lawrence Oravetz Level 3 Expert Answers.

Cannot open MIME type – Page 7 – HP Support Community –

Can this be filed as a bug? Now there is far less information about the TouchPad and instead lots of links to go buy one.

This is not a Bug. The one that showcases apps?

I decide to launch Help and start a live chat with a service rep asking if they know. Saturday, July 2, 4: The issue with Gmail attachments is that when downloading them, it does not add the. Attempting to get music onto the device.


A few moments later, the main screen of the app will appear. Ok, I think this thread needs a little clarification since it is apparent that a lot of people are having this problem. Edit the bookmark name: A direct link would be much appreciated. Is it as good as expected or comparable to versions of the app found on other platforms?

The keyboard has little emoticons. Honestly I do not feel like signing up for this. No, create an account now. If that is the case, then you are out of luck. Your email address will not be published. It apparently came out around the same time as the first fire sale.

Well hey, would you look at that! Posted on Jan 17, Be the first to answer. If the update isn’t showing, you can find the 3. Wrote a little over 3, words today. I can at least use it to read my Instapaper queue. Do I need the international charger as it looks the same as what you get with the TP And there is no way to edit the URL of a bookmark once it has been created?