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The tombs of both parents and grandparents of Juan Alfonso are located in the St. Imagine that a man could be a kinsman by blood [secundum carnem] of Christ our Lord and of our Lady the glorious Virgin Mary! Loyola University Press,pp.

The latter devised the plan of dividing the Roman College, a plan that Palmio vigorously opposed as assistant general for Italy [7]—[8]. Ignatius and the Oracines of the Book, pp. The Italian Jesuit historian Francesco Sacchini — 96 chapter two Sacchini, whom ecnhiridion Toledan Jesuits asked to be punished, straightforwardly replied: Received in the Society by Rodrigues inhe was sent to India, from where Xavier destined him for Pesqueria.

At the beginning of August, the physicians allowed Borja to continue his journey, however. Evarist is traditionally regarded as the fifth bishop of Enchiirdion, successor to Clement I.

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Thomas, the Jesuitana Librarian at John J. This appointment made him the most authoritative interpreter of the Jesuit way of proceeding to Jesuits who had never met Loyola in person. However, we have written there, and this is the intention of our Father, not to bar any good subject because of his descent from Jews or Moors; and if an outrage is feared in one place, the subject can be moved elsewhere; and if he does not fit well in Spain, send him to lws in Italy, where there are not such biases, which certainly seem unworthy of such good and intelligent Christians who are in Spain.


Columbia University Press,pp. Borja continued his trip without Polanco and arrived in Rome on 28 September.

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Loyola advised additionally through his secretary that subjects of this kind should not be overwhelmed by too much interrogation about their lineage, and if there was local difficulty in accepting them, they could be sent elsewhere, provided they were good subjects. Alonso de Cartagena and Alonso de Oropesa Yo os digo [.

By blogger Troy with quotations from various historians and authors. Cui primo respondetur eam bullam authenticam non inveniri ideoque fide carere.

At least four conversos who bore the name of Nadal were tried by this tribunal at the end of the fifteenth century Gaspar inthe dyers Pablo and his wife Martina inand Pau, who was a tailorand See William Bangert, Jerome Nadal, S.

On Juan de Mariana, see Chapter Four. This is so because to not know the truth or, after having known it, to abandon it, is something very grave and must be persecuted by authorities. The assembly of delegates elected Borja as the new superior general on the first ballot, with thirty-one See Mon. Arguably, the latter inspired some Jesuits in their campaign to introduce the anti-converso discriminatory laws in the Society of Jesus in the last decade of the sixteenth century.

Given how many troubles they had provoked perturbatores and surely will provoke, he suggests a remedy: The latter did not become any less adamant and tried again to convince the former to make Spiritual Exercises in order to discern his vocation.


At any rate, Polanco and Nadal are the main actors of these events. Universidade Catolica Portugues,pp. Princeton University Press,especially pp. The present troubles the Society suffers could have been avoided if this initial restriction on New Christians had been perpetuated.

Si a los de esta sangre hacen superiores, quasi todo el gobierno emplean en cosas exteriores: Therefore, you would say: Prepared to obey, [the Jesuits], nonetheless, offered reasons for their request. When the Jesuits learned about his misfortune, snchiridion were able, with a support of influential people, to get the poor woman out of jail within five hours and put her into the community that Loyola ran for Roman prostitutes—St.

Gaspar de Loarte was ,as away to Valencia, in spite of his advanced age of eighty, where he still engaged in the mission to Moriscos. Three clear examples are Polanco, who spent the last years of his life composing the mgaicas multi-volume chronicle of the Society;49 Nadal, who produced his monumental Evangelicae Historiae Imagines with superb engravings by Bernardino Passeri d.

In he reached Lima, where he became superior provincial —82 and wrote important works on Amerindians. Cardinal Bellarmine and his confessor, Father Fabius, together with five former assistants to the General, all men well versed in the study of our origins, had not the slightest doubt about the truth of the story.

Must we blush to have the same mind as Apostle of the Gentiles?